30 10, 2017

Estrogen Dominance and Progesterone Deficiency

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Are you suffering from estrogen (E2) dominance or progesterone (Pg) deficiency? Do you know your ratio of E2/Pg?   I have always said that progesterone is a woman's best friend. So first let's discuss the function of progesterone and why women present with many symptoms in the absence of progesterone. First, it is important to [...]

23 05, 2014

Is Hormone Replacement Safe? Are we safe from ourselves? There is no blame game. It is up to each one of us.

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I started consulting patients almost 16 years ago with a focus primarily on women (my practice now includes men and even teenagers) and the use of bio-identical hormones. Prior to this time I was a "mainstream pharmacist" who owned a community pharmacy. I got great satisfaction helping people treat their illnesses and symptoms with the [...]

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