As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end.
We would like to remind you to take care of yourself.


Diet, Lifestyle, and Nutrition

are the biggest factors

we have control over when it comes to our overall health.




Raise your hand if you want to be in the best health possible.

Eat right + sleep well + exercise + less stress = OPTIMUM HEALTH.

Even with good intentions we get side tracked. So from time to time, it is good to be reminded of what is important. Here is a list of things we have control over. Things that are not just good for our breast health, but our overall health.

6 things you can do to encourage health

  1. Get your fiber. 50-100gm / day. Make sure you are getting at least one bowel movement per day.
  2. Cut the sugar! Managing your sugar intake is crucial for longevity. Cancer feeds on glucose.
  3. Manage your BMI. 19 -27 is a great place to shoot for.
  4. Sleep. Make sure you are limiting your screen time right before bed. Keep a regular routine and dim the lights in the evening to trigger your sleep hormones.
  5. Eliminate stress. Now is a great time to reflect on the things you value. Also do an inventory of what no longer serves you.
  6. Reduce environmental toxins. As well as eliminating the emotional toxins in your life, it is a good idea to protect your exposure from your environment. Add a water filter to your drinking water. Chose less toxic cleaning and beauty products.


In addition to diet, lifestyle and nutrition we could all use a little supplementation.

I have put together a protocol geared toward Fibrocystic Breast Disease and Breast Health.

If you are having symptoms and aren’t sure if these products are for you or you have general questions, please send me an email.
These supplements are available through my Fullscript dispensary.
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